Michael Trojer

Poecking, Baviera - Germany

Michi grew up in the small Bavarian village of Poecking Germany, where he learned skiing at the age of 2. After several years of alpine ski racing in the local ski club, he started telemarking in 2005. Just one year later, he started to compete on the freeride-races among the Alps and had the possibility to discover beautiful locations such as Norway and Japan. In 2008 he took part in “Harmless”, a telemark-movie shot in Chamonix with Stephane Rindeau from Tough Guy Production. Since 2008 he lives in Innsbruck where he has the best possibilities to follow his passion very close around. For the future, he plans to compete more on the Freeride World Qualifying Tour and travel to several special places to which allow him to practice his great passion for, but the most important thing is to stay healthy and enjoy life as long as possible.


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