We walk into the future

Welcome to the CRISPI® world

At The Beginning

In the early 70s, in the midst of a progressive change that was going to occur in Italy, industries represent one of the turning points of the country. Alessandro Marcolin, who is the company owner, seizes the engaging spirit of the Italian industries and decides to create and develop a product which offers quality and technology at the same time, in the famous zone of “Montebelluna”. All those factors come from a workplace of shoes created in 1975.

This combination becomes the successful card for the company. Since then, “Progress, evolution and innovation” constitute its success, and what makes CRISPI® young and always in the forefront for its production sectors.

CRISPI® Sport, born in 1975 as a mountain shoes workplace have seen its own market raise, making it exclusive in its niche and now, one of the most precious companies in Italy and abroad.

CRISPI® Concept

Founded on the binomial quality and technology, nowadays CRISPI® Sport is one of the most qualified in the outdoor field.
From this philosophy, the company creates soft boots made of first choice leather, with shock absorbing areas in the midsoles, to improve absorption of heel micro-shocks due to the gait and padded cuffs.

1975 is “CRISPI® Legend” birthday , the brand known, ever since, by “connoisseurs” for its top quality.

Today, after 40 years, CRISPI® is still loyal to this philosophy and produces high quality footwear, in a highly competitive market which is, however, better capable of acknowledging superior class.

Walk into the future

CRISPI® nowadays caters for a market of “specialists”, because it concentrates on producing niche items, to better exploit the technology and know-how acquired over the years.

Hence, the diverse CRISPI® ranges: A.T.F. (Alpine Touring Freeride); TELEMARK, of which CRISPI® is the world champion; PARAGLIDING, which offers a patented system to ensure maximum ankle protection during the landing phase; COUNTRY SPIRIT products born of in-depth research into specific use materials such as A.B.S.S.(Ankle Bone Support System), D.T.L. (Dual Tech Lining) and C.S.F. (CRISPI® Skeleton Frame); the BLACK QUALITY segment, which supplies special forces in a number of countries in the world; MOUNTAINEERING, and TREKKING which makes available to all mountain and outdoors lovers the experience and technology acquired in all these diverse sectors.

Third millennium CRISPI® footwear is developed with the help and advice of the best testers from all over the world and in close contact with the major specialists.

Since 1975

CRISPI® is today a rare example of a perfect balance between TECHNOLOGY and TRADITION.

From over 40 years, this successful binomial made the company become a world leader in all of its production niches, without any dazzling slogans or big promises but simply driven by a passion for quality footwear and the courage to put on the line the results it obtained in order to achieve constant improvement, model after model.

“Looking ahead is what this company is about. Improving every day through ongoing research into materials and technical solutions is our objective and our strength”.

Alessandro Marcolin