CRISPI® guarantees its products against any defects in materials or workmanship as stated in art.8 of the general sales conditions.


ATTENTION this warranty doesn't cover:


  1. Normal wear and tear of the footwear
  2. Footwear tampered modified or repaired by a third person
  3. Improper or extreme use of the footwear
  4. Lack of proper care and maintenance
  5. Footwear that has been in contact with chemical, organic, saline substances and sewage
  6. Extreme cases, contact with heat damages caused by animals
  7. Hydrolysis

If the product results to be within the parameters of guarantee it must return to CRISPI® exclusively through the store of purchase including the purchase's receipt or invoice. After inspection, CRISPI® reserves the right to repair and/or replace the product.



Regarding the lining in GORE-TEX®, the Warranty given directly by the Company 'GORE' is in force. 'GORE' has a Customer Service Office in each country and address and telephone number are listed in the leaflet 'GORE-TEX®' that comes with the boots. It is a good rule to take always out the footbed after every backpacking tour, also in order to remove gravel that may have got into the boot and that could damage the GORE-TEX® membrane while walking.