Care and Mainteinance

After each use the boot should be cleaned of mud and dirt with a moist cloth and, if necessary, washed with a neutral soap and a soft brush paying close attention to removing the dirt around the stitching. Choosing the correct fit will insure that your foot is comfortably secured in place and will greatly reduce wear and extend the life of your CRISPI® boots. Excessive foot movement inside the boot can cause premature wear of the interior bovina leathers and GORE-TEX® booties. To dry your CRISPI® boots, we recommend unlacing the boot completely, taking out the removable foot bed, and placing the boot in a cool and dry place until dry.  After your CRISPI® boot is completely dry, treat the leather on both the outside and the inside (if applicable) of your boots high a quality conditioner. Eyelets should also be carefully cleaned and dried in order to minimize the build-up of rust on the hardware. It is always a good idea to remove your foot beds after each use and inspect and remove debris such as gravel, sand, and any other object that may cause harm to the GORE-TEX® membrane.




TREATMENT OF FULL GRAIN LEATHER - CRISPI® Boots are made with the highest quality leathers, treatments and finishes.  However, these materials and treatments can and will wear out.  Proper cleaning and maintenance of these materials and finishes will extend the life your boots. CRISPI® does not recommend using oil based cleaners and conditioners that can negatively affect the waterproofing and breathability of your footwear.  CRISPI® has formulated wax based treatments  that are engineered to work with the type of leathers and finishes applied at our factory.  CRISPI® treatment products are designed to work with all of our technologies and materials to maintain the suppleness, waterproofness and breathability of the leathers we have carefully chosen.  These products are also designed to meet the standards set by the makers of GORE-TEX® fabrics. When the boots are cleaned and dried, a light layer of CRISPI® Wax Polish should be applied to the surface of the upper using a smooth cloth. Please note, these products could darken the colour of the leather. You shouldn't worry about the white film that usually appears. It is easily cleaned with a damp cloth and is due to excessive wax build up.


TREATMENT OF FABRIC, NABUK AND SUEDE - We recommend the following special treatment for models made of Fabric, Nubuk and Suede with GORE-TEX® or Cambrelle® linings. In this case we suggest using special products, that guarantee the simultaneous waterproofing of leather and nylon. We recommend something specific like Imperwass that we tested and sell with the brand name CRISPI®. It is available from our distributors and in specialized shops. Oil and waterproof spray for leather, suede and cloth it does not stain neither changes the colour. These products, besides improving the waterproofing characteristics of the boot, don't affect at all the other technical features, such as the breathability of GORE-TEX®.