Gabriel Voide

Saas-Fee - Swiss

I grew up in the glacier village of Saas-Fee where my parents decided to live surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery. At the early age of 4 I stood on my first summit, the 3200m high Mittagshorn above Saas-Fee village; a year later my Grandmother took me to the Allalihorn, my first summit above 4000mt. It was then that my dream of becoming a mountain guide was born. In the following years my great uncle Xavier Bumann, an experienced mountain guide, took care of me and introduce me to the traditional mountaineering. At the age of 13, I decided that my time of being an apprentice was over and I started to guide on my own account. In the summer of 2008 age 28, I became one of the youngest climbers who have succeeded in climbing all of the 82 mountains above 4000m in the Alps. Nowadays I also collaborate with the CRISPI® R&D department for the testing part of mountaineering boots.


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