Antonio Urpi

Catania, Sicilia - Italy

I was born in Catania, on the slopes of Etna, born in 1976. I come from a family of great hunting tradition. I have always hunted with the English Setter that more than any other auxiliary can give me strong emotions. In 2005 I started to breed English Setters and shortly after I got the affix 'Di Valcalanna' recognized E.N.C.I and F.C.I. Training and I lead my dogs in the federal competitions and in the most prestigious official labor tests E.N.C.I. winning also some authoritative trophies. I practice all types of hunting but my passion is hunting with the dog, especially the cornice in the mountains and the one in the woodpecker. I love all the mountains but I love my Etna and its lava rocks, every climb for me is a challenge to win, especially with myself. I don't always face my long walks with my rifle on my shoulder, I often devote myself to the training of young dogs accompanied only by my camera. The knowledge of the various hunting techniques and the needs of the most modern hunter also, have led me to write articles for some authoritative newspapers of the sector. I am very picky about what I use to hunt, I like to plan everything and leave nothing to chance. Everything I use in my business must be of high quality and efficiency because of hunting and dog-racing I don't make a matter of numbers but of occasions and I don't like to waste any of them. After one goal, I immediately put another, more extreme, with the will to reach it I am very attentive to safety hunting, both for me and for others and I appreciate every tool useful to make hunting safer. That's why I chose CRISPI.