Daniele Cecchetti

Roma, Lazio - Italiy

Daniele Cecchetti, born in 1975, grew up in the mountains of Abruzzo, animated by a strong exploratory spirit and passion for hunting with pointing dogs, which he inherited from his father Franco Cecchetti, a breeder of English setters with the kennel name 'dellaSerpentara'.The mountain and the spirit of freedom pushed him to explore new lands and break through the boundaries of the human spirit. For Daniele, traveling embodies an unspoken, deep pact with nature, enjoying its rhythms, spaces, and dimensions. Very young and resourceful, hunting brings him to explore the Balkan region, traveling far and wide across the northern European forests, until Russia.
After leaving the legal profession in 2006, Daniele became a full-time professional guide in numerous countries including Argentina, Scotland, Sweden, Russia and Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, Morocco, Tunisia, Canada, Azerbaijan, and Macedonia. Since 2006, Daniele works as a €œTester and Promoter€? for leading companies in the sector of outdoor activities, testing, analyzing, and contributing to improve new products. In parallel, he continues his exploring endeavors across Europe's far North, narrated through the TV Series €œSetter Adventures€?, now in its third edition and broadcast by Sky 235 channel, dedicated to hunting and fishing.
Objectives:  explore new lands and uncover their full potential.
An incessant wild spirit, always following different paths, always toward new horizons, this is Daniele Cecchetti.