Etienne Bernard

Campitello di Fassa - Italy

Ski instructor - Italian skiing school Campitello di Fassa - Mountain guide - Group of Fassa Valley Mountain guides
Born in 1993 and raised in Campitello, Fassa Valley, a ski instructor, and Alpine guide. I remember I started moving my first steps climbing and skiing since I was very young (three, four years old). My parents have always practiced mountain-climbing in all the possible spheres, as a hobby, and as work, and they always took me with them. Skiing and climbing were my favorite things to do, no one ever forced me, things happened to many people I know.
Years passed by and I have become more and more skilled and capable, always under my father's vigilant gaze, from the technical point of view and for safety. When my father had some students who were fine with that, he always let me go with them and this is how I learned about the profession of the ski instructor and mountain guide.
The real passion, in sense of dedicating every free moment to this, arrived when I was 15 years old and I decided to move to Tione to attend the scientific high school of the mountain, where I had the chance to meet some classmates who were really passionate and capable. Now I can honestly say that I found the activity for which I have a real aptitude for and that I cannot give up. At the age of 19, I became a ski instructor, I started working at the ski school of Campitello di Fassa, and at the age of 21, I became Mountain Guide. I am currently part of the group of the mountain guides of the Fassa Valley. I do recognize that I have burned some steps, but this makes me really proud, however, I do recognize the fact that I am still very young and that I still need the big experience, this is why I am with my feet on the ground. I look, I listen, and I learn from the older people from this profession, hoping one day to get close to my father's long and diversified career.