Matteo Guardini

Trento, Trentino Alto Adige - Italy

I was born on Monday at 14.30. Nothing strange except that day, the 29/02/1988!! My hometown is Trento, the 'capital' of Trentino: a beautiful mountain land with a butterfly shape.
Thanks to the passion that my father transmitted to me since I was a child I began to love the mountains with their rhythms and seasons, emotions, and sensations. I learned to endure the effort, with patience and humility, and still today I have these wonderful pictures and images in my mind that will remain for all of my life. And this is priceless! In the mid-90 I had my first ski touring experience, after that, I attended the Rock Course with the mythic Graffer School. During the following years, with friends and mountain guides I repeated a lot of climbing routes, icefalls, and mountaineering on the biggest mountain of the Alps, from the Dolomites to Mont Blanc.
In September 2013 I got what I consider my biggest success: I became a Mountain Guide, a big dream since I was a child!! With this spirit and consciousness, I will continue happy and confidently with the next steps of my life. But always with the mountains in my heart and soul!


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